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by Magnus, produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Magnus pharmaceuticals, is one of the best injectable steroids with a moderate anabolic effect. The drug is very effective in courses designed for the growth of quality muscles and in “drying”.

Primobolan is a drug that is known to many athletes for its minimal androgenic effect. This drug is characterised by a long period of action. It is also worth noting that Primobolan is a derivative of dihydroboldenone.

A fairly long flow of the drug into the bloodstream from the injection site is due to the fact that it includes enanthate. This explains the fact that the period of activity of the drug lasts almost up to 16 days.

Promobolan produced by Magnus pharmaceuticals is presented in an injectable form of release, which is many times more effective than the same drug in tablet form of release.

Effect of Magnus primobolan solo course

Take this steroid, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of a specialist. This will not only increase the effect of the course of Primobolan, but also avoid the manifestation of possible adverse reactions.

At this point, we can distinguish several main results, which allows you to get the correct reception of this drug:

Comparatively low anabolic effect and minimal androgenic effect;

Minimal percentage of side effects;

Due to the fact that the drug is not converted into estrogen, the athlete may not fear the manifestation of signs of gynaecomastia;

At the end of the course, the results obtained remain in place, as there is a minimal phenomenon of “rollback”;

The active components of this drug do not increase cholesterol levels, and therefore do not increase blood pressure and do not cause problems with the cardiovascular system;

Those who wish to increase the anabolic effect can increase the dosage.

What adverse reactions can occur?

An athlete with individual intolerance to one or more components of the steroid, or who intentionally takes the drug in a dosage higher than that recommended by a specialist, can expect the following adverse reactions, namely:

Minimising the level of testosterone produced by the body on its own;

Water retention;

Large doses put a significant strain on liver function;

Acceleration of facial and body hair growth, changes in the timbre of the voice.

How to use

Given that this drug is among the safest anabolics, it can be taken not only by experienced, but also by novice athletes. The active components of this drug allow you to accelerate the recruitment of muscle mass and at the same time practically do not fear the appearance of side effects.

Usually, specialists can prescribe an athlete to take the drug in a dosage that does not exceed 200-400 milligrams per week. The duration of the course is prescribed in the range from 6 to 12 weeks. Of course, in some cases it is allowed to take a more increased dosage, but this may negatively affect the work of the liver and cardiovascular system.

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