Methenolon Enantat (Primobolan) Hilma Biocare 10ml (100mg/ml)





Active half-life (days): 10 days

Administration (males): 300-800 mg per week

Oil-based: Yes

Water Retention: Yes

Flavouring: No

Methenolone Enanthate dosage and route of administration

Typical cycle length: 6 to 12 weeks

Beginners: Beginners: 200-300mg/week.

Hobbies: 300-600mg/week.

Professional range: 400-1000mg/week.

Women: 50-200mg/week

Half-life: 6-10 days

Detection time: 4-5 weeks (some athletes report a maximum time of about 5 months)

Effects of taking methenolone enanthate

The anabolic effect of Primobolan is quite mild and comparable to Deca, so this drug is more often used during the drying cycle, when the main goal is not to gain muscle mass, but to preserve it. Methenolone has the phenomenon of minimal rebound, but many athletes are not satisfied with the results obtained after a course of Primobolan solo, if the goal was to gain muscle mass.

In addition, because it can preserve, it has also proven to be one of the few anabolic steroids that can directly lead to fat loss. While almost all anabolic steroids promote fat burning to some degree, primobolan does so in a more direct way.

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