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Primobolan Depot (1ml, Bayer Schering) is an anabolic steroid, which is characterised by a rather mild and long-lasting action. As a sports drug it is relatively safe and effective not only for men, but also for women. In bodybuilding, it is used mainly as a basis for drying courses, less often as a component of mass-building courses, combining with products of testosterone, nandrolone, methandienone, even oxymetholone.

The active ingredient of the drug is the steroid methenolone (ester enanthate, which prolongs the effect up to 2 weeks after the injection is performed). Structurally, methenolone is a dihydrotestosterone derivative modified to retain anabolic activity and reduce androgenic activity. Like most common steroid hormones in sports, methenolone enanthate was originally developed for medicinal use only.

In what improvements for the athlete is expressed by the action of the drug? If we list the confirmed effects, Primobolan Depot (1ml, 100mg) from Bayer Schering (Germany) first of all promotes high-quality muscle growth. With its help, you can build hard and relief musculature (without excessive water retention or excess fat accumulation).

Steroid profile of Primobolan Depot (1ml): anabolic index – 88% (of endogenous testosterone), androgenic index – 44% (of endogenous testosterone); half-life – 5 to 7 days, detection time – at least 5 weeks; aromatisation (conversion to estrogens) – none, absent; hepatotoxicity (toxicity to the liver) – no, not present; progestagenic activity (relatedness to progestins) – no, not present; suppression of HPTA function (reduction of testosterone synthesis) – yes, minimal.

Thus, Bayer Schering’s Primobolan Depot is almost entirely free of side effects. Potentially can be registered: high blood pressure, headache, increased aggression, insomnia. But all of these are exceptions to the rule rather than a pattern. In other words, if you stick to the recommended dosage, frequency and duration of intake, then the side effect will not make itself known.

Course and dosage

Primobolan Depot 1ml (Baer Schering) is potentially effective in any physical sport where the goal is to gain lean muscle mass without water and fat.

A course of the steroid can last 8 weeks (within the range of 4-12 weeks) without any problems. And longer methenolone enanthate, as a rule, is not used, for fear of shifting the action in the direction of side effects. At the end of the main cycle, an exit is usually carried out, followed by post-course therapy (to consolidate the results and prevent consequences).

The optimal dosage of Primobolan Depot 1ml is selected by the athlete on an individual basis. For men, the average dosage is 200-400 mg (2-4 ampoules) per week, for women it is 50-100 mg (0.5-1.0 ampoules) per week. For female athletes, abuse of the drug is fraught with the formation and accumulation of virilisation symptoms: from mood swings to body hair loss.

The combined use of Primobolan Depot (Bayer Schering) with other sports pharmacology will help to achieve maximum results. It combines well with most steroid drugs. The choice of a specific combination of AAS depends on the objectives of a particular athlete. Here are 2 examples:

1) A course with methandienone in tablets and a mixture of testosterone esters (for athletes experienced with sports pharmacology to gain mass with minimal setback).

2) A course with oxandrolone in tablets and boldenone undesylenate (beginners in bodybuilding for quality muscle growth with minimal risk of side effects).

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