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has always been considered a mild preparation and is most effective during the drying period for both females and males. In this case, you will be able to improve your body constitution and prepare for responsible competitions. Note that the anabolik can be produced both in tablet and injectable form. However, the second version is the most popular in sports and we will talk about it. Buy PRIMOBOL from Balkan you can always on our site Moretesto. We have a flexible system of discounts and work smooth delivery throughout Russia.

Positive properties of Primobol

The drug has weak anabolic and androgenic properties, which explains its mild effect on the body. Since the androgenic activity of this ACC is low, it is often used by girls. The most significant advantage of the steroid is the complete absence of aromatisation. Actually, it is for this reason that the drug is actively used on drying or when gaining quality mass. It also indicates the impossibility of such side effects as gynaecomastia and high swelling due to water retention in the body. All of the above can confirm the reviews of builders who have already used this AC more than once.


Rules for the Primobol course

You should take Primobol from Balkan for no more than two months, as the risks of side effects will increase and the effectiveness of the anabolic steroid will start to decrease. We have already mentioned that Primobol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals can be maximally effective during drying. In this situation, you will be able to keep the muscle mass from breaking down (catabolism).

Since the anabolic activity of primobol is relatively low, many bodybuilders are interested in the question, how can you get the maximum effect from courses with primobolan?

Excellent bundles are: prima + testosterone, prima + methane, prima + nandrolone. The combination of Primobol with these anabolics will allow you to gain quality mass. For drying courses, the best choice will be prima + winstrol. Also note that you should not use more than 3 AAC in one course, and their dosages should be half as much as compared to solo use.

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