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Steroids first became known in the 1960s when the first preparations developed by the German company Schering came onto the market. They were initially produced for medical and (presumably) veterinary purposes, but soon found wide use in sport thanks to their mild effect and comparatively high safety.

The effect of Primobolan is excellent for dehydration. The steroid does not retain fluid as it is not flavoured, it promotes fat burning, and rebound is generally minimal. For muscle building, a combined programme is preferable, as results are unlikely to be comparable to those of testosterone esters, methandienone, nandrolone or trenbolone when taken alone.

At one time, the steroid Primobolan was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself to achieve quality muscle growth without excess water or fat.

Primobolan is recommended for athletes of varying levels of fitness and experience, including beginners who have never used Primobolan before. Its anabolic and androgenic effects, which are reduced compared to testosterone, are about 88% and 44% respectively.

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